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After-Action Report

So yesterday, we held a seminar on historical combatives for the UMW students. The focus of the class was “All fencing comes from wrestling,” using unarmed combat as a means of teaching footwork, balance, hand-motions, and the principles of Liechtenaur’s art, namely Vor, Nach, Indes, and Fuhlen. We first split the class into two goups, with Bill taking one group to the mats to teach them how to fall safely, and myself taking the other half to work on footwork and basic strikes (based on extrapolation from dagger combat). Afterwords, we “danced” in a basic ringen tie-up position to work on footwork, Vor and Nach, and Hard and Soft. We next move to a “drive/retreat” drill to further those principles, and work on acting “indes”. Finally, we began to teach the hand-motions of the Five Strikes with the Longsword, but utilizing them as wrestling throws. The class really enjoyed this last part (although it left them very tired and sore, so we never managed to get to the Glancer and Scalp strikes). Overall, a successful seminar.


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  1. I was VERY pleased with the enthusiasm of everyone who showed. We had a great turnout, and a great time.

    I was pleased to see about the same numbers of ladies and gents; all of whom took each other to mat with vigor and enthusiasm.

    Thanks, everyone! Hope to see everybody again very soon!


    Comment by Bill | October 4, 2010 | Reply

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